Monday, March 23, 2009

Underpants 101

Hello And Welcome to Underpants 101.

Does anyone else have underpants problems?!

Lately I have been having a hard time with my underpants showing. lol. I'm not talking about how some people think it is cute/sexy to have a little bit of your thong above your jeans show.. (side note: i don't think that's cute) I'm a big girl and the selection gets tough when you reach a certain size of underpants.

Big Girls come in all different shapes and sizes, so the below statements are only true for the "Tonya" Shaped Girl.

First up: Thongs. Yes, they still make thongs and g-strings, but 90% of thongs/g-strings don't cover the lower-bellies. Why would anyone want a thong in the back and the front! That thong would do nothing by make my lower belly look like a butt! Plus having something up your butt all day wouldn't be my first pick. If you fart... does the air blow it out of your crack?

Next: Bikini, Hi-Cuts & Hipsters. Bikini and Hipsters just don't have the side support I need to be comfortable. I'm not sure how the rest fits because if they aren't working in the front... they wont work anywhere else. Hipsters would be a good fix to my underpants showing problem... however, hipsters don't cover the lower belly! They stop just above the hooey (va-jay-jay). I like that extra support over my belly. And not to mention the butt in those underpants is little too!

Finally: Granny Panties or Briefs. Oh these are my favorite! (Teal and Blue and White strips today!) Full seat coverage, full belly coverage, no skimpy areas at all! However, they don't work with today's fashion! I usually have anywhere between 1-4 inches of underpants showing.. above my pants! I do my best to keep my shirts pulled down in the back and am always constantly checking the underpants to make sure they aren't showing. I was in the bathroom tucking in my undershirt and was like "what the...?" And i had a good 3 inches of underpants above my slacks. Thank goodness the undershirt is hiding it today!

Remember Class: Crack Kills! LOL

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