Monday, March 2, 2009

Kansas City Patriots?

I'm starting to see a trend here... First the Kansas City Chiefs hire General Manager Scott Pioli (who came from the Patriots). Then we hire Todd Haley (Arizona) as our new head coach. Next on the list... how about a new linebacker... Mike Vrabel (Patriots) and how about a QB while we are at it... I dont see why we need one, we played all last year without one! But for fun, lets hire Matt Cassel (Patriots) .. i'm starting to see a trend here. While they are at it.. I hope they don't forget a kicker!

However, I don't see how they can let go of Huard (aquired from the Patriots a few years back) over Croyle and Thigpen... Not to mention they let go of two of the best players.. Donnie Edwards and Pat Surtain.

Im excited for football season this year.... i just have to suffer thru Royals Baseball...

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