Friday, March 27, 2009

New Scrappy Pages

I'm so excited to hurry home and have the snow hit. Yes, I said SNOW! We are suppose to get 8-10 inches! We'll see if Mr. Weatherman is right this time. He's always lying to me! I miss the days when they said snow, and you were guaranteed 8-10 inches and no school the next day! I just worry about my poor husband having to drive to work on Saturday. Be careful honey!!
Here are my new scrapbook pages. Nothing to fancy. I've been trying to get my wedding album finished. I wanted to scrap all of our wedding events into one big scrap book. It will be fantastic when it's finished! I think my Hollywood ones need something else... any ideas?

1 comment:

mariehahn13 said...

Wherever you came up with the idea for that La Jolla page... wow. LOL!

I like your pages! They're cute. I'm definitely going to miss our scrappy Saturday this week :( But... I'll definitely be doing some here at home!